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​​Standish Salon Goods approached ​me ​with a single demand: "I want you to challenge every fundamental assumption of our business." By measuring the seasonality of revenue and identifying key customer avatars, Standish Salon Goods

expects to double its advertising ROI.

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Who is This Guy?

Shaun Overton

​Shaun Overton measures the effectiveness of advertising by building statistical models. It's ​his job to gather the data from ad campaigns to answer key questions. 

  1. ​How long does it take for ​a campaign to work?
  2. What's the ROI?

​Every ​Advertiser Knows 3 critical data points

  • ​You know the data that the ad ran
  • ​You know exactly how much the ad cost
  • You know your revenue or other key performance indicator (KPI) for the business

Now imagine that you line these items up in a spreadsheet.

Ad spend spreadsheet

A sample spreadsheet showing a multichannel ad campaign

​The first column in this example is a billboard ad. Very few people drive by a billboard for an RV dealer, then drop everything that they're doing to buy a motorhome.

There's a delay between seeing an ad and the customer making a purchase. In many instances, it takes dozens of ad touches to develop a prospect into a customer.

​By using techniques from Signal Processing Engineering and Statistics, I determine how long it takes to make a sale, the percentage of sales being driven by a particular medium (said another way, "What percentage of my revenue comes from billboard ads?") and the ROI for each medium.

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